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Colin Kaepernick, the former N.F.L. quarterback who inspired a player protest movement but who has been out of a job for more than a year, has signed a new, multiyear deal with Nike that makes him a face of the 30th anniversary of the sports apparel company’s “Just Do It” campaign.



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This just makes me sick!

Mike-RiceMike Rice may have been fired by Rutgers University for abusing his players, but he’s still got a $100,000 bonus coming his way, reports the AP. That’s in addition to the $622,500 he received as his regular salary in 2012, as part of a five-year deal Rice signed last year.

The bonus was contingent on him completing the 2012-2013 season, which he did; Rice would not have received the bonus had he been fired in December when the school administration first reviewed the damning video of Rice’s behavior. An athletic department rep confirms the bonus will be paid.

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Mike Rice Fired by Rutgers

Rutgers fired head basketball coach Mike Rice today after video surfaced of him shoving and cursing players.

News of the firing came in a tweet from the university’s athletics department.

Mike-RiceA video released by ESPN shows Rice shoving players, kicking them, hurling balls at their heads and yelling what appears to be homophobic slurs and profanity.

The video, which was made public Tuesday, shows Rice during the men’s basketball team practices last year.

In addition to grabbing and shoving players, Rice is also seen in the video berating them and using profanity.

Rutgers athletic director Tom Pernetti had suspended the coach for three games and fined him $50,000 after watching the video in November. He said he chose suspension rather than termination even though both options were on the table.

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