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Well it’s official Bobbie Kristina Brown has now become an unwillingly member of a SWAT team. For you non medical people it’s a term meaning – suction, wipe ass, and turn. The life of a gomer on a long term vent unit.

Every 2 hours a nurse or respiratory therapist will suction the secretions from her tracheostomy, she will be wiped and turned every 2 hours to prevent bed sores and pneumonia.  A machine will breathe for her, a pump similar to an IV pump will deliver nutrition to her stomach.

I’m sure that sounds appalling to any non medical person reading this but that is the reality of her Family’s decision. They kept a brain dead person alive on a ventilator, agreed to a feeding tube, went against all medical advice because they were looking after their selfish needs. 

They will forget about her eventually and come to visit sporadically. They will  look at the machine breathing for her, a tube going into her belly feeding her.  They will be told numerous times she has pneumonia, bed sores, and a plethora of other problems. They will leave and go back to their own lives still fighting about the money left to her by her Mother Whitney Houston. Shame on you! And watch out for Karma…I hear she’s a bitch.

Bobbi Kristina Brown has been moved to a rehabilitation facility from the Georgia hospital where she has been getting treatment for nearly two months, a source close to the family told NBC News on Friday.

The source said that Brown had left Emory University Hospital and was at an Atlanta rehabilitation facility nearby. The source did not disclose what rehabilitation facility she was transferred to or when she had been moved. The source said Brown’s condition remained the same.


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With the current outbreak of measles which started in California there’s plenty of blame going around. The public is quick to blame the ’stupid’ anti-vaxers who do not have sufficient intellect to decipher fact from fiction,  ‘I read it on the internet that it causes autism so it must be true’.

You might find this surprising.

  • Schools in some of Los Angeles’s wealthiest neighborhoods now have similar vaccination rates to developing countries like Chad and South Sudan. At the Kabbelah Children’s Academy preschool in Beverly Hills, 57 percent of parents have filed a “personal belief exemption” from vaccinations, as have 68 percent at the Waldorf Early Childhood Center in Santa Monica.

So before you’re quick to blame the tea party and Republicans you might want to look at the elite Hollywood liberals. Like Bill Maher, on last nights show jumped right into the debate saying , “I’m not an anti-vaxer….however” and went on to say he would never get a flu shot or any other vaccine. Well if that’s not an anti-vaxer I don’t know what is.

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It’s Airborne!

Airborne epidemic expected to kill 31,000 Americans this year. No government action required, say NRA and GOP, in spite of the fact that 97% of Americans are in favor of comprehensive background checks.


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Because of our move I had to get my wedding ring re-appraised for insurance purposes. Also it had not be appraised in 7 years and the price of gold and diamonds has gone up so most likely the ring was under insured.

I went to a downtown jeweler, a pretty fancy place, the kind you have to ring a bell to be let in the store. After being buzzed in by a woman immaculately dressed I explained what I needed and produced the papers I had with the original documentation and appraisal.

She asks to see the ring so I take it off and hand it to her. I kid you not this is what she says to me:

“Are you a runner?”

“Do you eat?”

“Or are you just naturally thin and have been your whole life?”

My replies:


A look given as if to say, are you freakin serious lady?

“Yes, I’ve always been petite”

I thought it was very unprofessional and bordering on being rude. It also made me feel a bit self conscious and there was no reason for me to feel so. I am healthy, eat well, am very active and I happen to be slender. If she had mentioned the ring size I would have been fine with that, but asking me if I eat was ridiculous.

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What is it with people in south Jersey and their penchant for backing into parking spaces? I see it ALL the time here. I was at the Ophthalmologist this morning and was ready to back out of my parking space when I see a car headed to the empty space next to mine. So I wait of course for him to pull in.

Now that became an ordeal in itself. First he goes past the space so he can start backing in. First thought…”this is not parallel parking, just pull into the damn space!” From there it took 3 tries, backing in pulling forward to get it  perfect. Meanwhile I’m sitting there waiting to back out.

I don’t understand why people insist on parking this way. It takes them longer to park their car while making other people wait. In busy shopping centers it’s especially aggravating to everyone who gets stuck behind them.

Please people…just park the car the easy way and be done with it. 

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Men you’re off the hook – this one pertains to women! It’s something I’ve been noticing more and more in a variety of places, but mainly restaurants/bars. It’s women and their handbags! Since when did it become acceptable for 2 women to take up 4 spaces because their handbag had it’s own seat or barstool?

Perfect example, a Friday night at Bonefish Grill the bar is packed with people waiting for a table in the dining room. Also it’s Happy Hour with special prices on drinks and bar food. There’s the usual bar where the bartenders are makingBonefish drinks. In the center of the room are 2 long tables that seat 10. Normally 2 people sit across from each other and the table fills up with a variety of people. It’s a fun way to meet others if you’re sociable or you can talk only to your companion if that’s what you prefer.

Last week we got there around 6:30 gave our name for a table and went into the bar hoping to find 2 seats. There was one available at the bar which would have been fine, my husband would stand behind me. Oh wait…it wasn’t available, some woman had her huge handbag there! Now I could have politely asked her to remove it but I didn’t. We get our glass of wine and look for 2 seats in the center. Again, 2 seats taken with handbags and this is a busy Friday night. Are these women just plain stupid or inconsiderate? And why doesn’t the management handle it? I would think they would want as many customers seated so they can order bar food along with their drinks.

This morning I take my husband to a medical plaza for a routine screening procedure which requires anesthesia, hence a driver must accompany the patient. The waiting room was very nice and comfortable, even had wifi which is always a bonus! I’m sitting there watching Good Morning America when 2 women come in (mother and daughter it appeared). They sit down in the middle section with best TV viewing and EACH of them put their handbag in the chair next to them taking up 4 spaces. Mentally handed them their stupid sign.

Ladies, I understand your handbag is expensive so is mine. However, it can hang on the back of your chair or sit on a nicely carpeted floor or even in your lap if need be. Be forewarned, next time your precious bag is taking up a seat and I want to sit there I will say something. I’m done being polite as you sit there oblivious to other patrons standing around you waiting for a seat.

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Why Pinterest irks the hell out of me….

Evidently the majority of people are clueless what constitutes a HEALTHY meal. Here’s a hint…if the ingredients call for cream cheese, Parmesan cheese, half a stick of butter, 8 slices of mozzarella cheese to go on the top of your chicken breasts it’s not healthy. This should not be pinned to a healthy eating recipe board. Maybe heart attack on a plate board? Or I’m so ignorant about food I’ll eat anything.

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