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“My children have gone to bed hungry for the past three years. Our crops failed and the coffee farms have cut wages to $4 a day,” he says, playing nervously with the white maize kernels in a plastic trough strapped to his waist.“We hope the harvest will be good, but until then we have only one quintal [46kg] of maize left – which is barely enough for a month. I have to find a way to travel north, or else my children will suffer even more.”

Source: ‘People are dying’: how the climate crisis has sparked an exodus to the US | Global development | The Guardian


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Winter Solstice

All is calm, all is bright….

Winter solstice 2018

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I’ll be honest with you, I’m not a fan of summer. Sure I love being outside again after a long winter and I love planting flowers and watching them grow. I like going to the beach occasionally – but even that in small amounts. Sitting under an umbrella lathered up in sunscreen, who wants to sit outside in 90° weather with a lot of other people doing the same thing? Not to mention the sand is so hot you can’t walk 5 feet without sandals or flip flops. 

I’m a Northern girl, grew up in Ohio, also lived in Upstate New York in the early 80’s in a house that didn’t even need air conditioning. Then Michigan for 16 years before moving to where I am now, which is Delaware. I miss Michigan and its weather. Yes, the winters could be long with the snow, but they were sunny and cold. Winters in Delaware are gray and wet. Summers could be hot in MI., but not prolonged heat waves like we have in DE., and don’t even ask about the humidity! Holy mother of god the humidity here is stifling and the mosquitoes! I can unequivocally say Delaware is as far south that I ever want to live. Retirement home/condo in Florida?  Hell no! More like a summer home in Maine.

It’s only July and already I’m counting down to autumn. You’ve heard of the book, ‘The Winter of Our Discontent’ by John Steinbeck, well this is the summer of my discontent. I’ve not been a very happy person the last two months, I feel more cooped up in the summer than I do in winter. At least in winter you can put on more layers and still take a walk or hike. In summer that is not the case. You go from an air conditioned house, to an air conditioned car, to an air conditioned location and repeat. We normally  take a fall vacation, since moving to DE., we’ve headed to New England. I fell in love with Bar Harbor, Maine and Acadia National Park. The summer tourists are gone and the crowds have thinned out. You can hike for hours with only seeing a few people. I’m not sure where we’re headed this fall but it will be somewhere with warm days, cool nights, hiking and mountains.

Until then…..one more hot wretched month to get through. Maybe Mother Nature will surprise us with a cooler than average August? I’m not counting on it.


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Climate change may bring with it a grim harm: Researchers report that rising temperatures might trigger a spike in suicides in the United States and Mexico.

“When talking about climate change, it’s often easy to think in abstractions. But the thousands of additional suicides that are likely to occur as a result of unmitigated climate change are not just a number, they represent tragic losses for families across the country,” said study author Marshall Burke, an assistant professor of earth system science at Stanford University.

In the study, his team analyzed several decades of temperature and suicide data in the two countries. They also sifted through more than half a billion Twitter messages to see whether words such as “lonely,” “suicidal,” and “trapped” were used more often during heat waves. (more…)

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The “dog days of summer” take place between July 3 and August 11th. They are named after the Dog Star (Sirius) in the Canis Major constellation. The ancient Greeks blamed Sirius for the hot temperatures, drought, and sickness that occurred during the summer.

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Rainy Saturday Night

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Your wow photo of the day.

A 100-metre (330ft) high iceberg has drifted close to a tiny settlement on Greenland’s west coast, prompting fears of a tsunami if it breaks up.

Authorities have told residents of the Innaarsuit island settlement living near the shore to move to higher ground.


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