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The Climate Change Debate….appropriate on this Earth Day.


Rick Perry  |  Marco Rubio   |   Rand Paul  |    Jeb Bush  |   Ted Cruz

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Women On 20’s

To my readers please make sure you vote for Women on 20’s.  It’s down to 4 finalists, who do you want as the first woman on the American $20 bill?



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This is not a partisan debate; it is a human one.

Clean air and water, and a livable climate

are inalienable human rights.

And solving this crisis is not a question of politics.

It is our moral obligation.”



Pictured Cape Henlopen, Delaware
From Google Images

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It’s Airborne!

Airborne epidemic expected to kill 31,000 Americans this year. No government action required, say NRA and GOP, in spite of the fact that 97% of Americans are in favor of comprehensive background checks.


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Politics in the USA

Sadly, oh so true.

Even deadly meteors and asteroids may not unite the human race.


via http://www.latimes.com/

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So God Made a Banker

Great spin on the popular Super Bowl ad.

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Residents from Newtown, Conn., are joining a march on Washington for gun control on Saturday with parents, pastors, survivors of gun violence and Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

Organizers said they are expecting thousands of participants for the rally on theSandy_hook National Mall, including about 100 from Newtown and buses from New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia. Others are flying in from Seattle, San Francisco and even Alaska. They will gather Saturday at the Capitol Reflecting Pool at 10 a.m. and will begin marching down Constitution Avenue toward the Washington Monument at 11 a.m. A rally is planned on the monument grounds at noon.

March on Washington for Gun Control: http://www.guncontrolmarch.com/

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