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New research by professors at Brigham Young University revealed that parental warmth cannot neutralize the consequences of helicopter parenting. Additionally, a lack of warmth makes the negative effects worse.

Such negative effects include lower self-worth and higher risk behavior, such as binge drinking.

“From our past work, we thought there might be something positive about helicopter parenting under certain conditions, but we’re just not finding it,” study author Larry Nelson said.

The study, published in Emerging Adulthood, is a follow-up to 2012 research on helicopter parenting that found the children of helicopter parents are less engaged in school. Now they’ve found that helicopter parenting combined with an absence of parental warmth is especially detrimental to young adults’ well-being.

Researchers defined helicopter parenting as parents’ over-involvement in the lives of their children. This includes making important decisions for them, solving their problems and intervening in their children’s conflicts. Warmth is measured by parental availability to talk and spend time together.








via Extra love and support doesn’t make up for being a helicopter parent — ScienceDaily.

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Most of the drinkers generally do not go in for treatment for a hangover. However, several Americans have seemingly found a way to deal with a hangover — a rehydration mixture which is given to children suffering from the effects of diarrhea. According to manufacturers of Pedialyte, the consumption of Pedialyte by US adults has witnessed an almost 60% increase since 2012. The manufacturers also claim that adults currently account for more than one- third of the Pedialyte sales, underscoring a three-fold increase over the previous average.

via US adults seemingly use Pedialyte to treat hangover | Maine News Online.

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Maternal obesity is linked to several adverse health outcomes for the infant that can persist into adulthood. But when does the immune system of babies born to obese mothers get compromised? Very early in the baby’s life, according to a study. The research team analyzed umbilical cord blood samples of infants born to lean, overweight and obese mothers, and found that pre-pregnancy maternal weight has a significant impact on the neonate’s immune system.

via Maternal obesity compromises babies’ immune system at time of birth — ScienceDaily.

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California parents who do not vaccinate their children would have to home-school them under a bill passed Thursday by the state Senate, the latest move in a battle between public health officials and “anti-vaxxers” who fear vaccines are dangerous.

via California Senate votes to end beliefs waiver for school vaccinations | Reuters.


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measlesNew research suggests that children who survive a measles infection remain vulnerable to other potentially deadly infections for as long as two or three years after the measles infection.


probioticsThe so-called “friendly bacteria” known as probiotics may help take some of the misery out of hay fever, or seasonal allergies, according to a new review of studies. But the doctors who did the review say more research is needed before they’d be able to recommend probiotics as a treatment option.

Millennials-HappyMillennials aren’t pairing off with as many sex partners as Baby Boomers and Gen Xers, but they’re more accepting of premarital sex and same-sex relationships.

babyboomersA new study finds mixed results for the health of America’s aging "Baby Boom" generation, with nearly half of people ages 55 to 64 taking a prescription heart drug and about 1 in 5 dealing with diabetes.

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Less is the new More.


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